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    Mosquito bombers are really not difficult, more than 7,000 of them were produced during World War II, and a significant part of them were made by furniture factories... Really too simple . With Cheng Fei's technique, it is also possible to do it with your eyes closed, but the person in charge should not be too greedy when he changes his mind. First of all, this type of bomber has extremely low technical content, the estimated profit is not much higher, it is a type that does not taste good, it would be a shame to abandon it, the multi-role fighter project is enough for Chengfei to make a lot of money, then allocate energy Making a wooden bomber is really not worth it, second, Xifei seems to be very interested in the multirole fighter project and has come up with the design, so Why not launch this project and eliminate this strong competitor? After all, the order for hundreds of multi-role fighter aircraft is too attractive, some domestic aviation corporations are red-eyed, joining in the fun, the competition is too fierce, wanting to maintain order is not enough to Relying on technology and services, you must find ways to reduce your competitors!

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